Welcome to Our Community

At the Haitian Community Center of the MidWest, we dedicate ourselves to fostering a supportive environment for Haitian immigrants, helping them integrate into their new surroundings with practical assistance in employment and education.

Our Founding Journey

Founded in 1998, the Haitian Community Center of the MidWest (HACMI) was established to support the growing number of Haitian immigrants in the region. Our mission is to facilitate a smoother transition for new arrivals, helping them integrate into American society while preserving the rich cultural heritage of Haiti.

Empowering Through Service

Explore Our Services

Job Search Assistance

Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support in finding employment opportunities tailored to your skills and career goals.

School Enrollment Support

We assist families in navigating the school system to ensure children and youth are successfully enrolled in educational programs.

Cultural Events

Join us for vibrant cultural celebrations and events that honor and share the rich heritage of the Haitian community.

Community Programs

Engage in our variety of programs designed to strengthen community ties and provide support in areas like health, legal issues, and more.

What Our Community Members Say

Marie L. Joseph

The Haitian Community Center of the MidWest has been a beacon of hope for my family. They helped us find a school for our children and provided invaluable job resources that greatly eased our transition.

Jean R. Baptiste

Thanks to HACMI, I was able to network within my professional field and secure a job faster than I ever expected. Their support has been crucial in my resettlement process.

Lucie D. Théodore

I am deeply grateful for the warm welcome and the practical assistance I received from the Haitian Community Center. They truly uphold the spirit of helping one another succeed in a new environment.

Upcoming Community Events

Haitian Cooking Workshop

October 15, 2023

Admission: FREE

Haitian Dance Celebration

November 12, 2023

Admission: FREE

Haitian Flag Day

May 18, 2024

Admission: FREE

Art Exhibition: Haitian Heritage

December 5, 2023

Admission: FREE

Join Our Cause

Be a beacon of hope and support for the Haitian community in the Midwest. Your involvement through donations or volunteering directly contributes to empowering new arrivals with essential resources and guidance.